Black Silicon Carbide

Black Silicon Carbide is produced in electrical internal resistance furnaces from high purity silica sand and petroleum coke. Its combination of being very hard and sharp makes it a very aggressive abrasive ideal for many applications. Black SiC is typically used on hard or brittle materials. It is also used for kiln furniture, lapping and polishing, non-woven, tumbling, pressure blasting, anti-skid, electrical heating elements, aerospace, composites, etc.
Typical Chemical Analysis

SiC (Min) SiO2 (Max %) Free Silicon (Max%) Iron (Max %) Free carbon(Max%)
97.80 0.59 0.65 0.12 0.29%
Grit size: 16,20,24,30,36,46,54,60,80,100,120,150,180,220 (F grits)