Ceramic Porous Products

We have developed and taken up the production of Brown Fused Alumina Grains Based Porous Product (Algrain PP) in various shapes and Sizes for the customers in the field of Dyes, Chemicals and Ash handling in thermal power plants etc. These tiles are porous, highly chemical & abrasion resistant along with excellent bend strength.
Algrain PP is produced by our BFA in required sizes and shapes by heating at high temperature to develop glassy pore structure for better filtration process.

Properties Unit Typical
Al2O3 % 85
Color Light Blue
Rupture Strength Kg/cm2 175
Bulk Density (g/cc) 2.3
Acid Resistance* % Good
Alkali Resistance ** Good
Filter Retention μm 20
Porosity % 35
*Other than strong HF & Aqua Regia ** Other than strong alkalis