Pink fused alumina

Pink Fused Aluminum Oxide contains chromium oxide, which gives the material its pink color. The incorporation of the Cr2O3 into the Al2O3 crystal lattice produces a slight increase in toughness and a reduced friability compared with White Fused Alumina. Compared to Brown Regular Aluminum Oxide the Pink material is harder, more aggressive and has better cutting ability. The grain shape of Pink Aluminum Oxide is sharp and angular.
The FEPA F grades are especially suitable for the manufacture of vitrified bonded abrasives for working hardened steels and alloys It is also used in tool grinding, saw and knife-sharpening applications, precision grinding, profile grinding etc

Typical Chemical Analysis
Al2O3 (Min%) 98.0
Cr2O3 (Max %) 0.3
Fe2O3 (Max%) 0.12
NaO2(Max %) 0.4

Grit size: 16,20,24,30,36,46,54,60,80,100,120,150,180,220 (F grits)