Brown fused alumina

Brown fused alumina is produced by the smelting of Calcined Bauxite in an electric arc furnace at temperatures greater than 2200°C. A slow solidification process follows the fusion, to yield blocky crystals. The melting help in removing residual carbon , Strict control over Titania levels during the fusion process ensures optimum toughness of the grains. Then The cooled crude is further crushed, cleaned of magnetic impurities in high intensity magnetic separators and classified into narrow size fractions to suit the end use. Dedicated lines produce products for different applications.
Brown Fused Alumina is a tough, sharp abrasives which is highly suitable for grinding metals of high tensile strength. Its thermal properties make it an excellent material for use in the manufacture of Grinding wheels and refractory products. This material is also used in other applications like blasting and surface hardening. The Mohs hardness of the material is 9.0 and The density is 3.9gm/cm³.