AGV - Vitrified bonded abrasives

The abrasive grains perform the cutting action. An ideal grinding abrasive has the ability to fracture before serious dulling occurs and offers maximum resistance to point wear. Each abrasive has special crystal structure and fracture characteristics, making it suitable for grinding operations on specific materials. A tough, sharp grain produced under controlled conditions and especially adapted to grinding or cutting materials of high tensile strength, such as alloy steel, high speed steel, annealed, malleable iron, and tough bronze.
Typical Chemical Analysis

Al2O3 (Min%) SiO2 (Max %) Fe2O3 (Max%) TiO2(Max %)
95.5% 1.2 0.3 3.0
Grit Sizes Available (F)
12,16,20,24,30,36,40,46,54,60,70,80,90,100,120,150,180,220,240,280,320 (FEPA STANDARD).